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About Skylar

Hello Everyone I'm Skylar and I'm very Grateful that you have taken time to visit My Website!  I hope my Products make Hair Time, Fun Time! with your Family! My Family and I Welcome You! 



Skylarlicious Naturals was created by Leslie Christian-Wilson for her Daughter Skylar.  Leslie has been a Natural Hair Stylist for over 15 years and is the Owner of Diversity Gallery a Premiere Natural Hair Salon and Boutique in St. Louis, Missouri.


Skylar being of African American and Native Indian descent, her hair is very Long, Thick and Curly.  As a result of Skylar's hair texture, she was very "tender headed"!  The process of doing her hair became a point of contention for Mother and Daughter!




Out of this "Hair War!" Skylarlicious Naturals was Born!  I wanted to create products that would make doing our Children's hair a Bonding Experience not a War Zone! Skylarlicious Naturals are created from scratch from the finest Naturals ingredients to make Hair Time! Fun Time!!! Now when it's hair time Skylar is so Proud and Excited to use products she Inspired and helped Develop.  She says other Moms will Thank Us for making Hair TIme Skylarlicious!!!

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